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Reyee RG-EG105G


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Reyee RG-EG105G

Highlight Features

● Auto-provisioning via self-organizing network:RG-EG105G series realizes the industry-leading auto-discovery and auto-networking features for gateways, switches and wireless.

● Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud managed: Remote fault alarm, one-click operation and maintenance on Ruijie Cloud App.

● Multipe WAN Ports: Up to 4 WAN ports are supported.

● Full Gigabit port :Meet the needs of 200M xDS/fiber access,high-speed wired connectivity.

● Smart flow control

● IPSec VPN: up to 8 branches.

● Enterprise Security features: IP/MAC/MAC-Fitering. Independent VLAN for guest , isolated from the internal office network.

รหัสสินค้า RG-EG105G หมวดหมู่ ,


Reyee RG-EG105G

Powerful and Exquisite Design

Full Gigabit Copper Ports Offering 500M ADSL Fibre Connection

2 WAN ports: Adding broadband connections without buying additional router

AC Model

Able to manage Reyee APs
No need to purchase AC separately for small networks, saving investment costs

Lifetime Free Cloud Management

Remote operation and maintenance such as One-click deployment, one-click optimization, remote fault alarm






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